We Help Absolve IRS Issues for Sole Proprietorships, Corporations, S-Corporations, & Partnerships and get your Business ON TRACK to Eliminate these Problems for Good

When we implement our processes, you will return to focusing on your great business while we work aggressively behind the scenes to refine and bulletproof your accounting and filing, and tackle all your IRS issues, all the while seeking every possible way to reduce your tax bill

Tax Returns, Bookkeeping, Payroll & More

Accurate | Aggressive | Affordable

Need to get your books caught up? Haven't filed in years?

Taxes Tech can prepare prior months’ bookkeeping and file taxes all the way back to 2015. All you have to do is reach out to us so we may determine your best solution, and we can start your work right away!

Let Taxes Tech handle the accounting hassles:

Bookkeeping Review & Fix

Our tax team will review your books and look for missing deductions. We will then work with you or your bookkeeper to get everything ready for tax time, far in advance of the deadlines.

Tax Return Preparation

If you are starting with us, a dedicated CPA will review your prior year tax returns and look for missed opportunities. If we find them, we will offer to amend your return and get your money back.

Personal CPA Consultation

You can meet with your tax team as much as you like via chat or phone. Ask questions about taxes, bookkeeping, corporations, and more.

Tax Planning & Strategies

If you don’t use the right strategies, your business wmay be crushed by the taxes you have to pay. We can show you all the latest tips and tricks.

Budgeting & Investments

Need help with loans, cashflow, 401k, or retirement accounts? We can help with that. Our firm can set up planning and investing strategies customized to your business

LLC Filing & S-corp Elections

We can help you set up the right entity and the right tax elections so your business can take advantage of every tax break