Why choose Taxes Tech to do your work?

What makes Taxes Tech different from other firms?

Taxes Tech finds missed deductions in your bookkeeping.

Every 90 days our bookkeeping teams review every transaction in your bookkeeping. We identify issues that need changing and look for opportunities missed.

So, We can even do your books for you if you would like for us to.

Taxes Tech will show you how to pay less tax.

Tax planning and projections are included in every package. We can show you what you will owe, when you owe it, and most importantly, how to reduce your tax.

No more surprises, no more large tax bills, always proactive planning and advice.

We can help you choose the right business structure.

Wondering what your business structure should be and what the advantages and disadvantages are? We can help you with that.

Corporations, LLC’s, sole proprietors, partnerships, tax statuses and more. Also, we can explain them all.

We can help you setup payroll and retirement plans.

Retirement planning and payroll are two keys to running an S-corporation correctly. Also, Our packages include setup and management of both.

Moreover, Payroll is run through Gusto and our retirement planning services include investment management, setting up plans, and more.